Why Attend?

Attendees told us they wanted to attend an event with deeper, richer technical and engineering content and we did just that. We're excited to announce the NEW Medical Device Technology Exchange (MDTX) in Del Mar, CA and with this change, we announce our new conference chair, Carlos Gonzalez - Director of Content for Machine Design and Medical Design who will lead the new content direction.

The NEW Medical Device Technology Exchange (MDTX) will expand its engineering, design, development tracks.

This is THE thought leaders forum for medical device execs who design, develop, manufacture, or commercialize devices.

It's where you'll have interesting conversations with speakers and medical device professionals that get your creative juices flowing. Learn from experts about everything from concept to commercialization and be part of a movement of medtech people who give as well as take.

Importantly, our staff think of you as guests in our home. We'll personally introduce you to people you want to meet. And we make it fun because we believe touches like these mean a lot and bring happy alumni back show after show.

We look forward to seeing you in Del Mar in October!

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